International Conference on Building Resilience 2011

The International Conference on Building Resilience incorporates a special session by the BELLCURVE project.

The mismatch between graduate skills and labour market requirements has been identified as one of the main factors behind graduate unemployment and employer dissatisfaction, particularly in the Built Environment (BE), as reported by EU labour force survey 2008. In order to overcome this persistent problem, university programmes should be structured to enhance directly the employability of graduates and training/retraining programmes which include broader employment-related skills along with the more discipline specific skills.

BELLCURVE considers ‘student engagement’ as a continuous through-life process rather than a temporary traditional engagement limited by the course duration. This through-life studentship defines the essence of the new innovative “Lifelong University” concept, whereby providing an opportunity for learners to acquire and develop skills and knowledge enabling responds to changing construction labour market needs on a continuous basis. This will provide the opportunity for HEIs to be responsive to the industry skill needs.

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