International Conference on Building Resilience 2011
Conference Themes

Images: Left, Construction skills training programme for conflict affected youth in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka; Right, Signage for a 'safe shelter' at a School in Ampara, Sri Lanka.

We welcome contributions from the physical and social sciences. The themes of the conference include, but are not limited to:

  • Risk assessment and monitoring
  • Detection, warning and evacuation
  • Infrastructure planning and design
  • Disaster management education
  • Project management
  • Sustainable housing
  • Public health
  • Disaster preparedness and response
  • National and local governance
  • Poverty and economic support
  • Resilient livelihoods
  • Social protection and vulnerability
  • Development and planning
  • Social support processes
  • People, displacement and security
  • Conflict affected communities
  • Community engagement and development
  • Inter-disciplinary working and partnerships
  • Physical and social integration
  • Disaster research methodologies
  • Transition between relief and recovery
  • Resettlement
  • Communication and engagement for community safety
  • Post-disaster reconstruction: The role of NGOs
  • Health aspects of disaster relief preparation, management, and outcomes
  • Social vulnerability and vulnerability assessments, displacement and relocation
  • Community organizing
  • Displaced people re-settlement
  • Post-conflict entrepreneurship
  • Empowerment of women and prevention of vulnerabilities
  • Social cohesion and gender
  • Enterprise Emergence
  • Social capacity building in war-torn areas
  • Development and post-conflict reconstruction
  • Dynamics of conflicts and disasters
  • Social support processes for survivors of conflicts