International Conference on Building Resilience 2011

Optional Conference Excursion

All conference delegates will have the option of joining a jeep safari to view the natural beauty of local region and encounter native wildlife. In particular, the safari will most likely provide an opportunity to observe elephants in the wild. This optional excursion will cost $40 per person and is scheduled to take place on the afternoon of 21st July. Bookings for the safari can be made when you join the conference in July.    


Other Excursion Options

Delegates can participate in various excursions both pre and post conference. Excursions can be booked through Ziyan Ameen, the conference organiser's appointed travel coordinator, at:

Aitken Spence Conventions and Exhibitions
4th floor, Aitken Spence Towers 2
315 Vauxhall Street,COLOMBO 00200
Tel: 94-11-2499600; 94-11-2308308 Ext 5931
Mobile: 94 - 77-7788931
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Winner of the Presidential Awards for the second consecutive year in 2009 as Best Destination Management Company & PCO in Sri Lanka.

Details of some popular excursions are as below:

Minneriya Wildlife Park

ImageImageThe Minneriya Park has been included in the list of important Asian Wetlands. Minneriya is a wonderful opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts and casual travellers to observe the social dynamics of elephants.  Matriarchs lead their clans to water, the whole group taking care to safeguard the baby elephants that are always flanked by adults.  Clans of related elephants will coalesce into herds when they converge into Minneriya in search of a common quest for food, water, cover and mates. As evening falls, the elephants up to 150 in numbers, emerge from the scrub, in small herds of tens, coalescing into larger herds, sometimes numbering over a hundred. The gathering is one of the most unforgettable and fantastic events in the international wildlife calendar.

Dambulla & Sigiriya– (Two UNSECO World Heritage Sites)

ImageImage Dambulla is the most impressive cave temple in Sri Lanka, with five caves under a vast overhanging rock, carved with a drip line to keep interiors dry.  In 1938 the architecture was embellished with arched colonnades and gabled entrances.  Inside the cases, the ceilings are painted with intricate patterns of religious images following the contours of the rock.  There are images of Lord Buddha, bodhisattvas, gods and goddesses.

ImageSigiriya Sigiriya was built in the 5 century AC and this comprise of  magnificent complex of geometrically laid gardens, pools, fountains (still working today) as well as oldest surviving murals of maidens. The summit of this almost inaccessible rock is 180m (600ft) above the surrounding jungle and was the setting for a courtly paradise of elegant pavilions amid gardens and pools. Built on top of a 200m high rock, the entrance to the climb once has been through a lions head. Half way up the rock are beautifully drawn paints which should be the eighth wonder of the world, Sigiriya, is a must see item in Sri Lanka.

UNESCO website on Sigiriya



ImageImageA UNESCO World Heritage site, Polonnaruwa was the medieval capital of Sri Lanka, and the ancient city is one of the most beautiful centres of this island's heritage. The archaeological sites of Polonnaruwa are preserved in their original form.

UNESCO website on Polonnaruwa


ImageImageA UNESCO World Heritage Site , located in the North-Central part of the Island Anuradhapura was originally founded by a King's Minister called Anuradha in 500 BC. It is acclaimed as the greatest monastic city of the ancient world and has served as the royal capital of 113 Kings. In 1073 Anuradhapura was fought over and abandoned when the capital was moved to Polonnaruwa. The city was abandoned to the jungle that slowly enveloped it. The crumbling ruins were re-discovered by explorers in the 19th century and an effort at restoration and rebuilding began. It is an important historical and archaeological site and continues to draw both Sri Lankan and foreign visitors as well as pilgrims. 

UNESCO website on Anuradhapura

 Tea plantations

ImageImageSri Lanka is one of the world's largest exporters of tea. Since the introduction of tea to Sri Lanka in mid 19the century country hill country has been the capital of the tea industry. For many miles prior to reaching Nuwara Eliya from either direction you will find acres and acres of tea plantations, in fact nothing but tea estates. There are many factories open for visitor's which also have tea sales outlets.  


ImageA World Heritage city,  available historical records of Kandy suggest that Kandy was established during the period of his reign from 1357-1374 AD. Since its founding in the 14th Century, Kandy which remained the last stronghold of local kings had gone through many a vicissitude. Although Colombo represents the prime commercial and administrative centre, Kandy continues to remain the cultural capital of Sri Lanka with a rich heritage of living monuments.

More details about how ro book these excursions will be posted soon.